Consumer Benefits

About 70% of aluminium cans produced are recycled with some countries recycling as much as 98.2%.
The thin foil prevents sharp metallic edges and keeps metal traces from entering the filling.
Thanks to its familiar opening and closing mechanism
Certified by the highest German standard in safety and rule-compliance of products

We can the CAN sustainably

TopCap is the most economic solution in the market, using less materials than any other resealable can end
With its fully stackable design and ability to be used in existing filling facilities
Suitable for aluminium, tin plate and plastic cans.
Unopened, it can sustain the same pressure as standard cans

About Us


At TopCap we are determined to revolutionize the world of packaging. As consumption of packaged food and beverages rises globally, the urgency to find a recyclable, convenient, and sustainable CAN solution has become imperative. It is our mission and passion to create a safe and healthy way of enjoying canned food and drinks throughout the day without losing freshness or quality. Our can makes it possible, people don’t need to finish a tin of tuna or a can of coke immediately and could even keep the content in the can as it is resealable. Thus less waste is created as it can be used as a packaged storage solution once opened. Our lids are recyclable and can be separated from the can in waste separation. The product will taste the same even after the can was opened and left for some hours. TopCap – the economic and practical solution with minimum plastic material use to make canned products more attractive to all producers and consumers alike!


TopCap was built on the spirit of its founder’s family:

“We can the CAN sustainably”


What We Do

TopCap creates resealable can tops to guarantee absolute quality and practical, easy use. We customize every design and produce different sizes to fit any can. Unopened, it withstands the same pressure as a standard can. We work with businesses who are eager to change their way of packaging and move towards a more environmentally friendly direction, thus fulfilling their share of corporate social responsibility.

Testimonial #5

100% recyclable
No splinters or metal traces in the filling due to foil use
Only one plastic polymer used
Close the can – no more insects or wasps in summer time! Avoid the 80% probability of drinking out of a can with creepy crawlies inside
Straw-proof! 50% of people prefer using a straw whilst consuming drinks out of a can

Testimonial #4

French Nails Approved- Did you know that every third woman breaks a nail while opening a can?

With TopCan you can solve this annoying issue…

Testimonial #3


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